Ipad’s in the classroom

Whilst completing the second assignment for this course I was looking for sources to back up my ICT’s used inside the unit plan. I was looking for research to back up the use of iPads, I came across this link http://www.ipads4teaching.net/ipads-in-the-classroom.html. Although I did not find this link helpful at the time for what I was looking for although this page is amazing for iPad resources. Including, tutorials, classroom uses for ICT’s, Assessment tools, ibooks creations and much more. I think that this link with more of an in depth look could be a great resource to  use with ways to use the iPads effectively.



So after missing my first day of prac yesterday due to being sick with the flu. So today was my first day and after waking up feeling sick to my stomach with nerves, I had the best first day of prac so far. I am at a very small country school and before going thought that it would be a problem with having to use ICT’s… I was wrong. The school that consists of 40 students has smart boards in each room, class cameras, and teachers computers. Their is an apple laptop for every student in the school and are constantly using these ICT’s.

Tomorrow I am going to the under 8’s day with the students and this will be my first time getting on a bus with kids and going to an event.. excited.


I have just come across the idea of the TIP model used with planning of intergrating ICT’s into the classroom lessons. As we go further into this course there are many different types of models to assist in the process of including ICT’s into everyday  classroom use. This particular model consists of five different steps, decide on objectives and assessment, What advantage does ICT give, Design ICT integration strategies, organize the learning environment to enable strategies to work and finally what worker well? and what needs to be improved? The way the TIP model works is the same process as using the backwards design with the idea of starting with learning objectives of the task. The idea of the TIP model is to step out the process of enhancing use of ICT’s to improve education in general classrooms. What do you think about this model would you use it for either planning out units for assignments or being out in the workplace in a few years down the track?  tipadapted

Do you let the tail wag the dog?

After catching up on the learning log I have come across the idea of the EDUDoggy, this idea is interesting as it is common that we use new technologies to use them rather then using the for their educational purposes. Instead of thinking with the head of the dog and thinking about the technology and the educational benefits of using the technology in the classroom. I believe that teachers either do not use ICT’s as they are afraid of using them or over use the technology before having complete understanding of how the technology works and how they can use it to the best that it can be used. http://tech2students.edublogs.org/2013/04/06/edudoggy/

Pen pal

Whilst I was trying to think of a topic to write about in a blog post I remembered back to when I was in grade 7 at school and we studied Chinese as our language subject. During that year we as the students had a pen pal from our sister school in China and each fortnight we wrote a letter to our pen pals and then a week or so later we would receive a reply. Thinking of this I remember that we would wait so long for a reply and would wish that we could get a response faster, with the technology of today and the increase of ICT’s inside the classroom I wounder if instead of using hand written letters if this process could be done by emails or through a chat line program. With this students would be able to talk to their pen pals and learn more about their everyday life in china. As the memories of having a pen pal in China are important to me and I found this process a interesting educational process, I believe that with the web this process could open up many avenues to explore.

Back from holidays

Just as I started getting into the routine of being on holidays and trying to catch up on course work, the holidays were over and the workload just continues on. As much as I tried to study as much as I could I still didn’t get as much work done as I wanted to with working on assignments at the same time. I have just received my marks back from assignment one for ICT’s and I am quite happy with my result although as always their is always room for improvement. After receiving these results I have become more confident in my use of ICT’s and believe that this will assist in the coming of my next assignment.

Holidays … Haha catch up time

So holidays are meant to be refreshing and relaxing, if only that was the truth for a uni student, especially when they are studying this course. It feels like I just finished one assignment for this course and I’m already stressing for the next. Between catching up on the learning journey slowly ticking off boxes and figuring out what curriculum to base my assignment on I think it’s safe to say I’m not relaxed or stress free. Assignment two is all about the use of ICT’s inside the classroom and placing it into a unit plan, so now I have to stare at the computer screen looking at the Australian Curriculum to figure out what is the best subject and year to base 40% of my work on. http://www.australiancurriculum.edu.au